The Book of Answers™ App Cover Screen

Seattle-based artist and author, Carol Bolt, first produced the book as an artist’s edition of 130 in 1998 then published commercially in 1999. In celebration of the book’s 10th anniversary and over 1 million sold worldwide, Bolt enlisted the Missoula creative team of Bruce Tribbensee and Toni Matlock (salty snack studios) to translate The Book of Answers™ digitally.

“Cheaper than a shrink and easier than asking all of your friends for advice!”

The Book of Answers™ draws on the ancient wisdom of bibliomancy,the art of fortune telling through using a book. It is a divination tool that provides guidance to any yes-or-no question you may have. With hundreds of astute answers for unlimited questions, it makes for an interactive guide for personal reflection or a dynamic interface when socializing among new or long-time friends.

The Book of Answers™ App distinctively combines the sensibility of a book with the enjoyment of a game. It’s simple to use with handsome imagery, bookish sound effects and social network sharing.

For the iPhone and the iPod Touch.